Sam Tabar Uses His Investment Skills To Help Others

In most cases members of the investment industry are not generally known for their assistance for others, but former attorney and current investment specialist Sam Tabar is changing the way the financial industry is seen in terms of community work. Tabar has recently been assisting with the startup company THINX, which is attempting to create ways of providing feminine hygiene products for women in Africa who often miss out on parts of their lives because of a lack of hygiene items needed to live their everyday lives.

There are few investment specialists who have as much skill and experience as Sam Tabar after he made his way through some of the world’s best respected educational institutions before embarking on his law and investing career. After graduating from Oxford University and Columbia Law School Sam made his way to the prestigious Skadden law firm; it was during this period of time that Tabar’s interest in workplace and investment law reached its peak and led to him entering the world of finance, initially as a specialist lawyer and later as a dedicated investor. Over the course of his career Sam has worked for some of the world’s top investment and law firms and become known as one of the top investors in the world handling hedge funds with values up to $2 billion.

In 2013, Sam Tabar returned to legal practice, but has retained his interests in investing that have seen him look for startups he can assist in building their business model over a number of years. The linkup Tabar has now developed with THINX shows the concern he has for social issues and reflects his own belief in business giving back to communities around the world. THINX has recently been developing an underwear range that will be sold to women in the U.S. and around the world; the social conscience of Sam and the business leaders at THINX sees the company provide a washable hygiene product to a woman in Africa for each piece of underwear sold by the company.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Remains One Of The Top Plastic Surgeons In The U.S.

Board certified plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden was recently named one of the country’s Top 24 Plastic Surgeons by Texas Monthly magazine. Dr. Walden specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery. She focuses on procedures that enhance body image and raise self esteem.


After graduating with honors from the University of Texas with a degree in biology, she was accepted at University of Texas Medical Branch medical school. Although she was waitlisted, Dr. Walden graduated at the top of her class.


Her career began in Manhattan when she obtained a fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. She was mentored by one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Sherell Aston. Later, she worked as an aesthetic plastic surgeon at Lennox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side for nearly 8 years. She also taught clinical plastic surgery courses at New York University Langone Medical Center.


After giving birth to two boys, Dr. Aston decided to pull up stakes and head back to Texas. She opened Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin and also has a satellite operating suite at Westlake Medical Center.


Dr.Jennifer Walden is only one in handful of women plastic surgeons in the U.S. She continues to be on the cutting-edge of training and clinical trials to make her profession even better. She remains on the forefront of women’s health issues and encouraging self-empowerment. Dr. Walden’s philosophy is if you have a problem with your body image, don’t be afraid to fix it.

How To Choose a Top Wine Vintner

The term vintner describes anyone who makes or sells wine, from a beginner making wine at home for their personal consumption to the most highly regarded expert, in charge of everything from growing the grapes to bottling and marketing the final product while working for a large-scale winery.

Given the wide range of UK vintners to choose from, how do you decide which wine to purchase? There are multiple websites designed to help you make your decision, from people looking for the best possible wines as a financial investment to people interested in learning the basics about wine tastings, pairings, and origins, but what about choosing specific UK vintners and merchants?

Tim Atkin has listed 159 of the best vintners in the UK from Adnams Wine Merchants in Southwold to Worth Brothers in Kirk Langley. There are multiple vintners, such as A&B Vintners and Capital Vintners, who are widely known as the best wine merchants in the UK and will be found on multiple lists of popular vintners. But you don’t have to leave your purchase up to chance – there are multiple places online to find reviews of wine makers, merchants, and other vintners before committing to your wine purchase, allowing you to know which wines and vintners are the right ones for you. Once you have done your research and selected a vintner it is time to make a purchase!

Almost every UK vintner has a website where you can purchase wine online. You can also purchase a membership, often called the Vault Club or Vineyard of the Month Club, where you can make regular monthly purchases through the vintner. Many UK vintners also sell wine as an investment opportunity, allowing people to purchase and store wine collections through their websites. Many vintners also arrange for wine tastings, allowing you to try various wines before making a purchase or joining a monthly membership club. With all the different ways to find the perfect UK vintner it is easier than ever to find the perfect wine for you!

Oncotarget: A Valuable Cancer And Aging Care Research Resource

The work to find a cure for cancer, debilitating age related illnesses and other medical issues on requires a concerted effort by a wide range of people. Quickly sharing the breakthroughs and new, pertinent information physicians and researchers discover helps others to build on their work, discover new possibilities and move medical science towards a cure much faster. One of the publications that helps to disseminate the information from the front lines of cancer research and treatment outcomes is Oncotarget. A peer-reviewed weekly open access medical journal, Oncotarget provides information dealing with research into all aspects of oncology.

Established in 2010, Oncotarget is produced by Impact Journals. Although the medical journal’s primary focus on is papers related to oncology, it also offers information on topics like Aging, Cardiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Gerotarget, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology, Neuropathology, Neuroscience and all areas of Pharmacology. The publication is abstracted and indexed in BIOSIS Previews, Scopus, Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed and the Science Citation Index Expanded. In 2015 the journal had an impact factor of 5.008.

Oncotarget has two editors-in-chief. They are cancer researcher and educator Mikhail Blagosklonny and famed cancer researcher Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. These men have been able to attract papers by some of the most prominent and preeminent researchers and physicians. After an in-depth and intensive peer review process, the men see to it the information is available to stakeholders far and wide involved in cancer research and treatment and a number of related fields. They’ve helped the journal to attain its mission of assisting medical science by sharing valuable new health related information as rapidly as possible.

The results of two important studies were recently published in Oncotarget. One study dealt with the relationship between e-cigarettes and gum tissue damage. The other investigated the potential of MET amplification as a therapeutic target for helping people with gastric cancer. It’s the type of information many researchers and healthcare professionals have come to depend on Oncotarget to provide. The journal is a vital resource in the battle to cure cancer and many other diseases that plague mankind. The work being done at Oncotarget benefits researchers, scientists, physicians, educators, patients and students.

For the past 7 years, healthcare professionals and educators looking for the latest information on breakthroughs or cutting-edge treatments for cancer and aging related illnesses have come to see Oncotarget as a valuable resource. See:

Bob Reina Encourages A Giving Spirit


Bob Reina is a special kind of guy. He was once a police officer, and his ultimate goal of helping people still hasn’t changed even though his career has traveled down a very different path. Once stumped because he couldn’t send a video email, Reina decided to create a way to make it happen. He is now the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company he created that helps businesses grow through online marketing and video tools.


Reina is often known to say “With great success comes greater responsibility.”, and that is basically his life motto. As he and his company have grown, Reina has remained steadfast in his mission to help people and better lives.


Personally, Reina has devoted himself to giving in numerous ways. He made numerous personal donations and headed fundraisers to help those affected by the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan. He has given numerous donations to help support orphans in Indonesia. He gave a record-breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has been involved in numerous life-saving charities that have saved the lives of countless animals. He is even known to bring his dog to work on a regular basis.


Reina doesn’t just live this life, he encourages others around him to do the same. His goal is a powerful one, and something that everyone should agree with. Give back to the community and help those less fortunate weather it be animals or people. Through his company, Talk Fusion, Reina has been able to offer Associate positions to people in more than 140 countries who now have the ability to change their lives by working for Reina. He encourages his employees to become involved in charities, he has even given each associate the chance to give away a free Talk Fusion Custom Account, the highest and best the company offers, to the charity of their choice. This amazing opportunity gives charities the chance to communicate their message and raise awareness for their cause in new ways that will, in the end, help those they are serving.


Eric Lefkofsky: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

In 2016, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology company dedicated to bringing an analytical and data-driven approach to cancer treatment. As the CEO of the company, Lefkofsky is dedicated to expanding the company’s influence and honing their technology and expertise to further advance their impact. Within the cancer treatment technology industry, Tempus has revolutionized the approach that doctors and physicians take to analyze patients. Tempus uses unique and proprietary methods to analyze a patient’s condition in order to give healthcare providers a better advantage when treating their patients. Tempus uses deep machine learning, genomic sequencing and other advanced methods of data gathering to equip doctors with more knowledge about each patient’s cancer. After analyzing this data, Tempus creates detailed reports with which the doctors can create customized cancer treatments for each of their patients.


Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan to a small family of four. His mother worked as a school teacher and his father as a structural engineer. He attended high school close to home at Southfield-Lathrup High. Lefkofsky completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. He furthered his education at the University of Michigan Law School and graduated with his Juris Doctor in 1993. One of Lefkofsky’s first entrepreneurial endeavor began while he was attending the University of Michigan. With loans from some of his relatives, Lefkofsky and a friend bought the Brandon Apparel clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin. Lefkofsky and his friend Brad Keywell would continue to build businesses together throughout their lives.


In 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings. This group worked with smaller companies to provide services in print procurement. After years of steady growth and income, InnerWorkings became publically shared in 2006. Teaming up with Keywell once again, Lefkofsky co-founded Echo Global Logistics. The freight logistics company was successful enough to draw the attention and financing of New Enterprise Associates, a very large technology investor. Lefkofsky is also well-known for his involvement in Groupon. He co-founded the company in 2007 under its previous name Groupon was endorsed by many major corporations and received millions of dollars in investments. In fact, Forbes named Groupon as history’s fastest growing company in 2010. In the same year, the duo announced the creation of Lightbank, a company dedicated to helping other businesses in Chicago to succeed.


In addition to his business pursuits, Lefkofsky also spends a lot of his resources on charitable endeavors. Along with his wife Elizabeth, the couple founded the Lefkofsky Foundation to act as their philanthropic arm. The foundation is dedicated to serving the communities in which Lefkofsky is involved by improving people’s lives. They have worked with over 50 companies in fields ranging from science, education and charity. Lefkofsky is also an active board member for a large number of Chicago-based organizations and companies such as The Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry. Lefkofsky ( was also appointed as a trustee member for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Find more about Eric Lefkofsky here.

Magnises Aims To Improve The Lives Of Millennials

Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland in 2014. Magnises is a benefits platform that helps the members of the program unlock experiences in their cities and take their social lives to the next level. It gives members many unique experiences, both cultural and professional, that are cohesive to their personal interests.

Billy McFarland is the CEO and founder of Magnises. For being young, he has years of experience being an entrepreneur. He started his very first company when he was just 13 years old. It was an online business that matched clients with designers. In just one short decade, he came a long way.

After dropping out of college at the end of his freshman year, he founded another online company called Spling. Spling allows users to improve the appearance of URLs by turning them into graphic images. He still serves as the company’s CEO, where he serves clients like Discovery and Universal.

He created the company Magnises in 2014 as a community-based, technology-based network of perks and guidance that would help improve the lives of millennials in major cities.

Experiences provided by the company can include things like tastings with notable chefs, exclusive art previews, and private member-only concerts. Each member has access to all of Magnises’ perks like passes to clubs, special pricing for tickets to sporting events and concerts, and upgrades on travel endeavors.

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In addition to these benefits, Magnises also gives each member access to their on-demand concierge app, called Magnises NOW. This app acts as a personal assistant and gives you personalized suggestions for special experiences in the member’s area. These suggestions include dining and nightlife ideas, reservations, and the app can also answer general questions.

Each Magnises member receives a special card with their membership. This Magnises Card is the key to memberships. Each member’s card is personalized to them and acts as a payment tool. It also grants them access to the exclusive benefits provided by Magnises. Membership fees are $257.55 per year. You can also link another debit or credit card to your Magnises card for any payment purposes.

Magnises is meant to connect young people, or millennials, with new businesses and social circles on on Crunchbase. The members-only access and benefits creates opportunities for people of like-minds to meet, socialize, and network.

In 2016, Magnises’ member list added up to over 12,000 people and they are adding more and more benefits as the months go on. For example, members can gain access to co-working facilities at Alley for a heavy discount. Alley is a company of co-working spaces that are typically rented for around $500 a month. Magnises is offering their members a work space for $99 a month.

Another new feature, called ClubPass, gives members guaranteed access to the hottest clubs in New York City for $65 per month. HotelPass, another new benefit, allows members to stay at certain New York Hotel locations for only $79 per night.

Magnises’ goal is to take each member’s lives to the next level. By giving young people an opportunity to financially combine their professional and social lives, they can flourish. While enjoying one-of-a-kind experiences, members can also network and increase their professional successes.

Learn more about Magnises:

Luxury Real Estate Firm Town Residential Completes Expansion

Luxury real estate firm Town Residential has continued its process of expanding throughout New York City. It has recently opened up a new office location in the meatpacking district and 10th outpost of Manhattan. The new location will provide Town Residential with a great opportunity to improve its recognition in the city. Town Residential will now have what it needs to attract more clients and firmly establish itself as one of the most accessible real estate firms around. Along with attracting new clients, Town Residential will have a number of opportunities to get more sales and increase its profits. Since it is expanding to one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, Town Residential can take advantage of leasing more property that will be in high demand among both residents and businesses.


With the meatpacking district being the fastest growing neighborhoods in New York City, Town Residential will be in position to accommodate the needs of numerous new residents and companies looking to establish a presence in the area. This will enable the firm to expand its client base and also lease out a number of new properties that will benefit them. The new business spaces will give businesses a prime location to stand out among its competitors as well as allow them to get a number of new customers. Town Residential’s expansion to this neighborhood will also benefit residents as they will now have an opportunity to live in one of the most vibrant areas of the city.


By moving to the meatpacking district, Town Residential has looked to give clients a luxurious place to discuss real estate transactions. With an outdoor space in the office suite, clients can talk about their real estate needs in a more relaxed setting. This also helps out the brokers as they can interact with clients in a setting that will be less stressful. Along with improving the environment for both clients and brokers, the new office location will also provide more convenience as well. Since the firm will be looking to attract more clients to the neighborhood, it will benefit by having a presence there. As a result, Town Residential will be in great position to get the clients they need as well as offer them some of the most in demand properties in the city. This will help Town Residential further establish itself as an elite real estate leasing firm in New York.

American Based Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success

Eric Pulier is an American based Philanthropist, public speaker, author, entrepreneur and founder of technology companies. He resides in Los Angelo’s, California. He is a renowned public speaker globally, and he has also addressed some people in conferences on matters related to technology and innovations. Eric Pulier is a strong believer of talent exploration. He has shared his story with people severally so as to challenge individuals and give an insight on how one can reach their full potential.

Eric’s Education Background and successful start-ups

Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University, which he joined in 1984. He studied English and American Literature. In 1988 he graduated from Magma Laude. He is known to have founded more than 15 companies that include Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and others that he has sold at a profit. The last company that he sold was priced at $350 million.

Eric is the founder of People Doing Things, a company that was launched in 1991. The company’s primary task is to address health care, education and other issues of importance through the use of technology. Digital Evolution is an interactive agency that he founded in 1994. He also contributed to the development of Starbright World. It was a social platform that targeted chronically ill children. It allowed them to communicate through blogging, chatting and posting of contents that could be accessed by other individuals who have got the same health conditions.

Pulier was appointed in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to execute ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century.’ It was a presidential Technology Exhibition that toke place in Washington D.C. He has also advised several individuals who are involved in initiatives that are health care and technology-related. Pullier has supported several organizations that are participating in philanthropic projects. Some of the non-profit organizations he supports include the Painted Turtle, X-Prize Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative. Eric is also a renowned author who wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson. He is also a co-author of a noted book that addresses issues of service oriented architecture known as Understanding Enterprise SOA.

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FreedomPop frees you from your bills!

We will be covering the increasingly popular services provided by FreedomPop in this FreedomPop review. If you haven’t heard of them, FreedomPop is a new service out of California that is trying to change how cell phones connect to each other. Traditional cell phone services are notorious for overcharging even the most basic transactions that a normal internet connection would think nothing of providing. This includes charging full price even if you use only a small amount of the service plan.

What Does FreedomPop Offer?

FreedomPop’s first major change addresses the second point. They offer a fairly standard basic plan of about half a gigabyte for free. You’ll want this for those short calls that are otherwise too small to pay an exorbitant fee for. This means not having to worry about calling your mom every month, if that’s all you need to use the plan for.

The next and much bigger change is switching to a Wi-Fi network. They are trying to push Wi-Fi as a standard replacement for cellphone connectivity and internet, rather than the normal cellular network. Wi-Fi on a phone is nothing new. The reason it is not more widespread is that phone companies used to have complete control over phones and prevented alternate services from being available, but now companies like Google are trying to integrate Wi-Fi as seamlessly as other cellular networks.

What Is So Great About Wi-fi?

Their Wi-Fi hotspots are a paid upgrade to this free cellular service. The idea is to show their users that they are a reliable service provider and convince them that the upgrade to Wi-Fi is a great deal. The Wi-Fi deal is much improved over normal services plans. At just $5 a month, you get all the services you would with an unlimited cell plan, from talk to text, and even internet browsing. These free features include browsing the internet, texting, and making normal cell phone calls.