Flavio Maluf’s Career and Personal Profile

Flavio Maluf is a well-known name in the Brazilian business circles. He is a professional engineer and the sitting Chief Executive Officer of Eucatext. Born in 1961 to a native Brazilian father, Flavio went to San Paulo and New York for his engineering and business course. He was once the President of GrandFood Group.

Career at Eucatext

Flavio had a temporary stay in New York but later returned to his home country to run his family business empire. He had no experience, but quickly learned on the job and turned Eucatex into a leading company. While serving in an executive role, he focused on industrial trading to capture more opportunities and partnerships. To date, the company still operates on the same principles and principles that Flavor established. He is the current President of the company, and under him, the first industrial plant was launched in 2010.

Eucatext is the first cooperation in Brazil that specializes on environmental responsibility and welfare. Eucatext was founded in 1951 with the aim of reproducing eucalyptus to make tiles and ceiling panels. The company is a leading provider of furniture and construction services, products, and solutions.

Personal And Family Life

Flavio is an established businessman, but he is also a dedicated family man. He is married to Jacqueline Torres and together, they have three children. He is a renowned philanthropist with a passion for helping hospitals and maternity organizations.

The achievements the Eucatex has made in enhancing sustainable development are commendable. Flavio’s experience in this industry should be a learning point for many other upcoming and established entrepreneurs. The man, despite his mega professional achievements, he knows the importance of giving back to the society. The three lessons that we can learn from Flavio are integrity, shrewd leadership, and selflessness. Flavio’s desire is to see a better country that is anchored on these three pillars.

Under Flavio’s leadership, Eucatex has been performing quiet well. So far, the company has managed to export most of its products to the international market. With the experts, Eucatext has earned more than ten million dollars. Flavio is experienced in leadership matters, and this explains why the company he is leading records exemplary performance.

U.S. Money Reserve Announces Completely Redesigned Site

U.S. Money Reserve, based in Austin, Texas, announced that they have made available a drastically improved interface design on their website. U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 as a private distributor of gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products. The new look of the website reflects their leadership of the industry through their exceptional customer service and high standards of trust. The updated site includes a new coin photo gallery as well as a new photograph of the President of the company, Philip N. Deihl, who is a former U.S. Mint Director. The updated site makes it easy to buy precious metals as well as educate the user on the benefits of owning government-issued bullion.

The Vice President of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan, said in a statement that the secure online e-commerce site gives U.S. Money Reserve the ability to provide the world’s best precious metals products while further engaging with their customers through its improvements. Buchanan had overseen the team modernizing the website and was instrumental in the addition of new features that educate the consumer and make buying bullion easier.

One of the biggest improvements was that the site now provides live competitive pricing on their precious metal products such as gold and silver bullion, as well as PCGS certified coins and other exclusive products. The new “Knowledge Center” provides the user with current information on precious metals and educates them on the different terms that are used in the industry. Another noticeable improvement is “Client-Connect Advantage” which allows the company to provide one-on-one consultation, purchasing assistance, unique offline products, and secure offline transactions. U.S. Money Reserve also offers a 30 day full refund on certified coins at current market value.

In the 16 years since the founding of U.S. Money Reserve, the company has helped hundreds of thousands of clients across the country purchase precious metals. They have become one of the largest providers of precious metals in the United States and specializes in gold coins, silver coins, platinum coins, silver bullion, and gold bullion. The company was founded by veterans of the precious metals commodities market who wanted to provide excellent customer service, trustworthy advice, and expert market knowledge to their clients.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Is A Real Estate Service Everyone Needs


There are quite a few people who use Nationwide Title Clearing every day, and they are working through complex real estate sales that involve old titles. The title clearing process must be completed by a professional who understands the industry, and this article explains how Nationwide Title Clearing does their work on each order. Online ordering is simple, and it may be completed at any time, the office clears the titles and they send reports to clients quickly.


#1: How Is A Report Created?


Nationwide will look into the title in the order, and they will find the paper copy that is held by a records office. The paper copy must be reviewed to ensure it is correct, or it may be corrected using a simple request form. The office members at Nationwide will look into the title to ensure it says what it must, and they may need to change it to ensure it is correct.


#2: Changing Titles


The titles are changed using a request form supplied by the records office, and someone from Nationwide will fill out the form for the client. They will use the documents they have to change the title, and it will read correctly when they are finished. They will take a copy of the new title as proof they have done their work, and they will send it over to ensure the client has the paperwork they need.


#3: Who Needs Clean Titles?


Clean titles are offered to lawyers in closing sessions, and they are often used to ensure the property may be sold by the person who purports to be the owner. There are quite a few instances in which the property cannot sell until the title is cleared, and it may be cleared in moments bu Nationwide. The lawyers may place the order, the real estate agent may do so or the owner of the property may ask for a clear title.


There are quite a few times when a title simply will not read properly, and someone must go in to fix it. The person who is fixing the title will do all the work on behalf of the client, and they will ensure the client receives a title that reads properly. They do all the work for a small fee, and they take more orders online every day. All real estate professionals may quickly learn the nature of a property using Nationwide’s online services.


Proven Ways to Succeed In Stock Trading: Jim Hunt and VTA Publications Have Some Ideas

Are you looking for a way to learn stock trading? Want to make a fortune trading in the stock market? If stock trading or other lucrative opportunity appeals to you, then you need to check out Jim Hunt VTA Publications.

Jim Hunt, one of the brightest minds in the stock trading sector, promised to make his mum a millionaire in just 10 trades. If you are on the lookout to achieve great success in stock trading or any other investment or business arena, it is advisable to learn from an expert in the field.

Jim and VTA Publications have been training and teaching business strategies and investing techniques for many years. Many people around the world are attracted to Jim and this company due to their the quality of materials they produce. For example, Jim’s course, Wealth Wave, is a fabulous course that has been changing people’ lives. Both beginning stock traders and veterans are learning a lot and improving their skills simply following the steps outlined in this course.

Jim has confirmed over and over again that he is a skilled capitalist and stock trading expert. Jim Hunt promised to take his mum, step by step, through the process of becoming a millionaire by making use of just his stock trading system on Crunchbase, and also every little thing would be recorded on YouTube.

Entering into a field like stock trading is not something to be taken lightly. Numerous people have made a fortune in the stock market. You need to be fully familiar with how things work in this field before getting started.

VTA Publications has actually helped thousands of individuals across the globe to get access to books, courses, training and other top notch materials. The company concentrates on non-fiction topics, including business and finance. It publishes information on ways to start a highly profitable business on prnewschannel.com, the best ways to earn money in the stock market, and ways to promote your business.

There is a lot of money to be made in this field. Stock trading at http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-vows-to-make-mum-a-millionaire-in-just-10-trades-589777581.html is absolutely a profitable venture and anyone can earn a huge fortune and attain financial success, if they know exactly what they’re doing.

The Popularity of Madison Street Capital in giving Financial Advice

Madison Street Capital is the company to trust when you need financial advice. The firm guarantees you quality services as it operates on the values of honesty and transparency. It is devoted to excellence, integrity as well as quality leadership.


Madison Capital is an esteemed investment banking company with its influence globally. It provides capital for other organizations. Recently, the firm organized some equity for ARES Security Corporation. This is one of their best clients. They ensure the safety software solutions to various organizations in Chicago and internationally.


Madison Street acted as an intermediary between the ARES and Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The leadership of the Madison Street publicized the closing of the deal. In addition, the CEO and the managing directors expressed their gratitude and feelings after working with the ARES.


Notably, the executives are happy with the phenomenon services rendered by ARES Security and expressed their interest in working with the company again. The shareholder in ARES hailed the entire Madison personnel and acknowledged the quality of services they had been offering in 2016.


Madison shows the commitment in ensuring that the ARES security corporation in securing the best financing partner demonstrates their diligence and hard work. ARES expressed their happiness and contentment with the all the processes involved to raise the finances.


Corbel has one of the best capital solutions because of its versatility as well as its supportiveness to the operations of the company. ARES believes that the capital solutions will boost their sales as well as increases their revenues.


This is an organization dedicated to helping other firms by offering financial advice and merger and acquisition opinions. Moreover, it is on the forefront to provide valuation services different business. Madison helps organizations to succeed by offering them with reliable information about the financial market.


Madison prides itself on the level of credibility they have gained from their clients for a long time. Customers have shown the great trust in the company as they conduct their business with utmost honesty and professionalism. The firm prioritizes the clients’ needs and works towards delivering services that are in line with the client’s objectives.


The company is under the able leadership of Charles Botchway. He plays the role of the chief executive office who works together with Reginald, the firm’s managing director.


Therefore, with great leadership as well as following the values of honesty, integrity, transparency, and credibility, then Madison Capital will continue to be among the leading financial banking companies in the US.


Sam Tabar Uses His Investment Skills To Help Others

In most cases members of the investment industry are not generally known for their assistance for others, but former attorney and current investment specialist Sam Tabar is changing the way the financial industry is seen in terms of community work. Tabar has recently been assisting with the startup company THINX, which is attempting to create ways of providing feminine hygiene products for women in Africa who often miss out on parts of their lives because of a lack of hygiene items needed to live their everyday lives.

There are few investment specialists who have as much skill and experience as Sam Tabar after he made his way through some of the world’s best respected educational institutions before embarking on his law and investing career. After graduating from Oxford University and Columbia Law School Sam made his way to the prestigious Skadden law firm; it was during this period of time that Tabar’s interest in workplace and investment law reached its peak and led to him entering the world of finance, initially as a specialist lawyer and later as a dedicated investor. Over the course of his career Sam has worked for some of the world’s top investment and law firms and become known as one of the top investors in the world handling hedge funds with values up to $2 billion.

In 2013, Sam Tabar returned to legal practice, but has retained his interests in investing that have seen him look for startups he can assist in building their business model over a number of years. The linkup Tabar has now developed with THINX shows the concern he has for social issues and reflects his own belief in business giving back to communities around the world. THINX has recently been developing an underwear range that will be sold to women in the U.S. and around the world; the social conscience of Sam and the business leaders at THINX sees the company provide a washable hygiene product to a woman in Africa for each piece of underwear sold by the company.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Remains One Of The Top Plastic Surgeons In The U.S.

Board certified plastic surgeon Jennifer Walden was recently named one of the country’s Top 24 Plastic Surgeons by Texas Monthly magazine. Dr. Walden specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery. She focuses on procedures that enhance body image and raise self esteem.


After graduating with honors from the University of Texas with a degree in biology, she was accepted at University of Texas Medical Branch medical school. Although she was waitlisted, Dr. Walden graduated at the top of her class.


Her career began in Manhattan when she obtained a fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat hospital. She was mentored by one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Sherell Aston. Later, she worked as an aesthetic plastic surgeon at Lennox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side for nearly 8 years. She also taught clinical plastic surgery courses at New York University Langone Medical Center.


After giving birth to two boys, Dr. Aston decided to pull up stakes and head back to Texas. She opened Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin and also has a satellite operating suite at Westlake Medical Center.


Dr.Jennifer Walden is only one in handful of women plastic surgeons in the U.S. She continues to be on the cutting-edge of training and clinical trials to make her profession even better. She remains on the forefront of women’s health issues and encouraging self-empowerment. Dr. Walden’s philosophy is if you have a problem with your body image, don’t be afraid to fix it.

How To Choose a Top Wine Vintner

The term vintner describes anyone who makes or sells wine, from a beginner making wine at home for their personal consumption to the most highly regarded expert, in charge of everything from growing the grapes to bottling and marketing the final product while working for a large-scale winery.

Given the wide range of UK vintners to choose from, how do you decide which wine to purchase? There are multiple websites designed to help you make your decision, from people looking for the best possible wines as a financial investment to people interested in learning the basics about wine tastings, pairings, and origins, but what about choosing specific UK vintners and merchants?

Tim Atkin has listed 159 of the best vintners in the UK from Adnams Wine Merchants in Southwold to Worth Brothers in Kirk Langley. There are multiple vintners, such as A&B Vintners and Capital Vintners, who are widely known as the best wine merchants in the UK and will be found on multiple lists of popular vintners. But you don’t have to leave your purchase up to chance – there are multiple places online to find reviews of wine makers, merchants, and other vintners before committing to your wine purchase, allowing you to know which wines and vintners are the right ones for you. Once you have done your research and selected a vintner it is time to make a purchase!

Almost every UK vintner has a website where you can purchase wine online. You can also purchase a membership, often called the Vault Club or Vineyard of the Month Club, where you can make regular monthly purchases through the vintner. Many UK vintners also sell wine as an investment opportunity, allowing people to purchase and store wine collections through their websites. Many vintners also arrange for wine tastings, allowing you to try various wines before making a purchase or joining a monthly membership club. With all the different ways to find the perfect UK vintner it is easier than ever to find the perfect wine for you!

Oncotarget: A Valuable Cancer And Aging Care Research Resource

The work to find a cure for cancer, debilitating age related illnesses and other medical issues on msubmit.net requires a concerted effort by a wide range of people. Quickly sharing the breakthroughs and new, pertinent information physicians and researchers discover helps others to build on their work, discover new possibilities and move medical science towards a cure much faster. One of the publications that helps to disseminate the information from the front lines of cancer research and treatment outcomes is Oncotarget. A peer-reviewed weekly open access medical journal, Oncotarget provides information dealing with research into all aspects of oncology.

Established in 2010, Oncotarget is produced by Impact Journals. Although the medical journal’s primary focus on EndNote.com is papers related to oncology, it also offers information on topics like Aging, Cardiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Endocrinology, Gerotarget, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology, Neuropathology, Neuroscience and all areas of Pharmacology. The publication is abstracted and indexed in BIOSIS Previews, Scopus, Index Medicus/MEDLINE/PubMed and the Science Citation Index Expanded. In 2015 the journal had an impact factor of 5.008.

Oncotarget has two editors-in-chief. They are cancer researcher and educator Mikhail Blagosklonny and famed cancer researcher Dr. Andrei V. Gudkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. These men have been able to attract papers by some of the most prominent and preeminent researchers and physicians. After an in-depth and intensive peer review process, the men see to it the information is available to stakeholders far and wide involved in cancer research and treatment and a number of related fields. They’ve helped the journal to attain its mission of assisting medical science by sharing valuable new health related information as rapidly as possible.

The results of two important studies were recently published in Oncotarget. One study dealt with the relationship between e-cigarettes and gum tissue damage. The other investigated the potential of MET amplification as a therapeutic target for helping people with gastric cancer. It’s the type of information many researchers and healthcare professionals have come to depend on Oncotarget to provide. The journal is a vital resource in the battle to cure cancer and many other diseases that plague mankind. The work being done at Oncotarget benefits researchers, scientists, physicians, educators, patients and students.

For the past 7 years, healthcare professionals and educators looking for the latest information on breakthroughs or cutting-edge treatments for cancer and aging related illnesses have come to see Oncotarget as a valuable resource. See: https://www.researchgate.net/journal/1949-2553_Oncotarget

Bob Reina Encourages A Giving Spirit


Bob Reina is a special kind of guy. He was once a police officer, and his ultimate goal of helping people still hasn’t changed even though his career has traveled down a very different path. Once stumped because he couldn’t send a video email, Reina decided to create a way to make it happen. He is now the CEO of Talk Fusion, a company he created that helps businesses grow through online marketing and video tools.


Reina is often known to say “With great success comes greater responsibility.”, and that is basically his life motto. As he and his company have grown, Reina has remained steadfast in his mission to help people and better lives.


Personally, Reina has devoted himself to giving in numerous ways. He made numerous personal donations and headed fundraisers to help those affected by the earthquake in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan. He has given numerous donations to help support orphans in Indonesia. He gave a record-breaking donation of $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and has been involved in numerous life-saving charities that have saved the lives of countless animals. He is even known to bring his dog to work on a regular basis.


Reina doesn’t just live this life, he encourages others around him to do the same. His goal is a powerful one, and something that everyone should agree with. Give back to the community and help those less fortunate weather it be animals or people. Through his company, Talk Fusion, Reina has been able to offer Associate positions to people in more than 140 countries who now have the ability to change their lives by working for Reina. He encourages his employees to become involved in charities, he has even given each associate the chance to give away a free Talk Fusion Custom Account, the highest and best the company offers, to the charity of their choice. This amazing opportunity gives charities the chance to communicate their message and raise awareness for their cause in new ways that will, in the end, help those they are serving.