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Louis Chenevert- Chairman and CEO of UTC

Louis Chenevert was appointed the chairman and the chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in 2006. He served for eight years. He exited from the corporation in 2014 after making a major transformation in the operations of the corporation. UTC is one of the biggest corporations in the world. Its market value is estimated to be $100 billion. His appointment into this corporation just goes to prove that he is in need one of the best business executives of the 21st Century. Louis Chenevert was born in Canada. He holds a degree in project management of HEC Montreal. He has also received great recognition in the aerospace for his impact in the industry. In 2011, he was featured as the best person of the year by a U.S based aerospace magazine.

Louis Chenevert first joined United Technologies Corporation in 1993. He joined the corporation through one of its units known as Pratt& Whitney. Previously, he was working for General Motors as the General Manager for 14 years. Since joining UTC, his role in the corporation have been remarkable. He has led initiatives intended to make the corporation better all through. While working for Pratt & Whitney, he made great achievements which had good implication on the parent company UTC.

When he was appointed in 2006, he had to take the corporation through the 2008 global economic recession. In one of his greatest achievements in his role as the CEO is that he managed to take the corporation through the economically hard time, with no major challenge experienced. His knowledge and skills in project management came in handy at a time when many industries died due to the impact of the economic recession. In fact what was amazing is that while other companies were collapsing, UTYC was now on a steady growth.

Louis Chenevert left the corporation in 2014 after resigning from his position as the CEO and chairman. Louis Chenevert has gone ahead to join other corporations in the financial markets sector. He left an admirable achievement that moved the industry in growth and development of technology used.

Success of National Steel Car Under Gregory Aziz

James Aziz is currently holding the positions of chief executive officer and chairperson of the National Steel Car, which is highly rated by the services they offer. He has a highly rated personality, having changed the company wholesomely. Gregory J Aziz was born and raised in Ontario, London. He has a major in Economics which he obtained from the University of Western Ontario where he studied. Gregory James Aziz had earlier studied at Ridley College.


His education background gave him the ability and skills of business management. These skills have been used to steer several companies which he worked for, to success before starting one of his own. The first company that he worked for is Affiliated foods. It was his family’s company that mainly dealt with the importation and exportation of fresh foods. The company started from a local level. For over sixteen years it was able to grow to an international scale.


This level enabled it to perform its activities at an international arena, where it imported food and sold it to major wholesale and retail shops across Europe. Greg Aziz, later on, joined several banking firms where he developed his experience. He was also able to accumulate the required resources which were needed for the buying and running of National Steel Car.


The then Canadian company was owned and run by Dofasco, until 1994 when Greg James Aziz purchased it. He had a tough task of transforming it into a thriving enterprise basing it in North America. Through hard work and dedication among the major team players, the business has grown steadily over the years. It has had a significant influx of capital and time investment.


In just two years after the purchase, the company was able to triple up its car production annually. This growth was also evident to the number of the employees which also doubled over that span of time. Getting various accolades along the way and being the leading railcar company in North America, NSC can be said to be a success. Currently, the company has international recognition among the people in that sector. Go Here To Learn More.

Yearly it improvises new technology to be used in car innovation and construction of the railroad freight car. The president through his sheer will and the constant push for hard work has received various awards along the way. They have not left the community behind as they have helped them in the form of charities and sponsoring social events.

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The Lifetime of Gregory James Aziz as a Philanthropist

Gregory James Aziz is a world outstanding investor. Currently, he’s the chief operating officer of the National Steel Car Company. He is also the chairman of the National Steel Car Board of administrators. Gregory J Aziz is a re-known as a donor. Excluding business, Aziz is a philanthropist entrepreneurship. He invariably enjoys conducive and giving back to the Hamilton Community. He did all this out of his profit earnings. Gregory Aziz is married person Irene want to be part of him during this and this attained them a lot of respect in Hamilton and everyone over.


Greg Aziz is devoted towards backing up the residents of Hamilton, Ontario. He contributed towards giving donations to charitable agencies in Hamilton. This was attributable to the fact that his Company National Steel Cars created him huge profits. It’s vital to highlight that Nation Steel Car is useful in several charity agendas in Hamilton. The organizations that have benefited from the company’s charity agendas are the Hamilton Opera, Theatre Aquarius, The NGO, The United manner and many others. This company conjointly made arrangements for the Christmas party every year for each of its current workers as well as the former workers. The National Steel Car staff members who always used to participate in the crucial food drives that invariably benefited the native food banks.


Greg Aziz along with his wife Irene has been consequently donating so as to support The Royal Agriculture Winter Fair. This stands to be the foremost outstanding Canadian agricultural fair. Greg James has worked with National Steel Car for a grace period of over twenty-three years. He conjointly struggled to take care of outstanding services to his customers. He achieved this by ensuring that he provided high-quality cars for the North American market. Go To This Page for more Information


The Hamilton residence extremely appreciates his endeavors and for his abysmal contribution to the community. He has clothed to be one in all the leading businessmen in Ontario, North American country attributable to his business administration expertise, his ultimately outstanding vision, excellent relationship along with his members of staff and his dedication towards serving the community.

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Philadelphia’s Litigation Expert Karl Heideck

Every State in the US is unique in its way. The legal system differs slightly from one state to another. In Philadelphia, PA, the practice of law requires an expert who has thorough knowledge of the different divisions of law. Karl is one such attorney that is based in Philadelphia and has a solid reputation due to his dedication and prowess.

Karl specializes in Civil and commercial litigation cases and does all that pertains to litigation cases. Among the areas he has specialized in include; appeals, employment law, arbitration, mediation, intellectual property and corporate law among others. With his experience and thorough knowledge of the law, Karl has served the people of Philadelphia addressing the specific needs that the residents require.

The law in Philadelphia is very particular and unique. Karl has, for instance, worked on cases involving the children safety belts. Every driver carrying a child is expected to follow the law and provide the children with reliable safety belts that are specifically designed for minors. Children who are below the age of two are required to be fastened into a rear-facing seat.


Most of the litigation cases require a lawyer that has a broad understanding of the law. This is because the cases overlap. Such an attorney should be in a position to conduct research on different legal aspects and be very good at negotiating and communicating with all the stakeholders involved. Karl, for instance, is very efficient when it comes to pre-trial motions, discovery processes, pleas, appeal procedures and settlement options.

Another aspect of the law that Heideck has prevailed in the area of employment lawsuits. He has dealt with cases involving the wages disclosure, child labor, and overtime pay ad worker’s compensation cases. All employers in Philadelphia should be on the lookout as their laws keep being updated to serve the residents even better.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based litigation attorney who has vast knowledge in legal areas such family, real estate, insurance and business among other areas. Karl Heideck has represented individual clients as well as organizations. His work focuses mainly on compliance and risk management. Karl is also a prolific writer who addresses many legal issues in his articles.

Since education is the basis of any career, Karl Heideck got his Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003.He later got his JD from Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law and was ready to practice law after passing the bar exams. Karl Heideck has been a licensed attorney since the year 2010.

Greg Aziz, North America’s King of the Railroad Cars

Greg Aziz, North America’s King of the Railroad Cars

In Hamilton, Ontario reins National Steel Car, a company that has been around since 1912. Its’ a world leading railroad freight and tank car engineering and manufacturing company. Its’ chairman, President and CEO is Gregory James Aziz who started the purchase of the company in 1994.


Born a Canadian in 1949, Greg James Aziz studied at Ridley College. He then pursued knowledge in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He started his career in his family’s business, Affiliated Foods in 1971 and in 16 years it became a global importer of fresh foods.


In the 80’s and 90’s he was an investment banker which aided him to purchase of the freight company. Greg’s leadership is impressive. Using all the assets the company possessed at that time he aggressively grew the manufacturing company’s orders for freight cars from 1200 freight cars to 3500 freight cars by 1999, along with increasing his manpower from 600 to 3000. Under his leadership and innovated ideas, National Steel Car is the only North American company in the industry certified ISO 9001:2008 for the last 18 years, and praised for its’ high quality since 1996 by the TTX SECO, becoming a trailblazer for other companies in the industry. With Greg Aziz at the helm, the company is committed to the highest quality of workmanship, its quick deliveries, many more satisfied customers and to excel in innovating ways to stay North America’s number one railroad freight and tank engineering and manufacturing company. See More Information.


“At National Steel Car, we have a sense of purpose:

To honor the traditions of our past.

To move forward with determination.

To always perform with a relentless focus on excellence and quality.

To always lead”.


Greg Aziz celebrate his hometown by contributing to such charities as: Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and others. He shows his gratitude to employees every year with a Christmas party, and the company donates food for local food banks. Gregory J Aziz along with his wife, are patrons of the prominent Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

National Steel Car Lead the Way Into the Next Century

Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of Canada’s leading railroad company, National Steel Car. He has filled this position for years, as well as being the board chairmen and the chairmen of National Industries.

Greg James Aziz grew up in the Canadian province of Ontario in the city of Hamilton. It is in that town that he places, is a gigantic business.


Greg Aziz has been so successful leading National steel car because he studied at Western University and received a prestigious degree in economics.

Through James Aziz wise leadership, the company has been able to go into its next century of business. Greg Aziz was able to ensure this because he focused on several things.


The first thing that Greg Aziz focused on was making sure that National Steel Car continued to grow in the field of research and development. He understood that past success cannot guarantee the company’s future success. He drove the executives to continuously challenge themselves so that they could reach their potential.

Because Greg Aziz focused on this, they were able to increase efficiency that had never been known within the rail industry. It was this consistent pursuit of excellence that guaranteed Greg Aziz’s company, National Steel Car, would continue to be North America’s main choice when it came to railroad manufacturing.


The second thing that Greg Aziz did to ensure that his company would continue doing business in the next century was to strengthen the foundational base that grew his company in the first place.


He began by warmly thanking his customer base who have continually supported him throughout the years. He would then go on to show gratitude to all the suppliers who have continued doing business with national steel car for over 100 years. Lastly, he would thank the team for carrying on the vision of excellence which has allowed his company to build the best rail cars possible.  See This Article for More Info.


One thing that sets Greg Aziz’s company apart from the rest is that his company is nature-friendly. Greg Aziz was the first person to join hands with Canada’s nature minister to announce changes in the rail car industry. Both of them agreed that they would begin transporting goods in a safer way and with stronger rail tanks. When these changes were implemented, we saw an immediate decrease in railway accidents.


We wish National Steel Car well in the future.