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Greg Aziz, North America’s King of the Railroad Cars

Greg Aziz, North America’s King of the Railroad Cars

In Hamilton, Ontario reins National Steel Car, a company that has been around since 1912. Its’ a world leading railroad freight and tank car engineering and manufacturing company. Its’ chairman, President and CEO is Gregory James Aziz who started the purchase of the company in 1994.


Born a Canadian in 1949, Greg James Aziz studied at Ridley College. He then pursued knowledge in economics at the University of Western Ontario. He started his career in his family’s business, Affiliated Foods in 1971 and in 16 years it became a global importer of fresh foods.


In the 80’s and 90’s he was an investment banker which aided him to purchase of the freight company. Greg’s leadership is impressive. Using all the assets the company possessed at that time he aggressively grew the manufacturing company’s orders for freight cars from 1200 freight cars to 3500 freight cars by 1999, along with increasing his manpower from 600 to 3000. Under his leadership and innovated ideas, National Steel Car is the only North American company in the industry certified ISO 9001:2008 for the last 18 years, and praised for its’ high quality since 1996 by the TTX SECO, becoming a trailblazer for other companies in the industry. With Greg Aziz at the helm, the company is committed to the highest quality of workmanship, its quick deliveries, many more satisfied customers and to excel in innovating ways to stay North America’s number one railroad freight and tank engineering and manufacturing company. See More Information.


“At National Steel Car, we have a sense of purpose:

To honor the traditions of our past.

To move forward with determination.

To always perform with a relentless focus on excellence and quality.

To always lead”.


Greg Aziz celebrate his hometown by contributing to such charities as: Theatre Aquarius, the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, the Salvation Army and others. He shows his gratitude to employees every year with a Christmas party, and the company donates food for local food banks. Gregory J Aziz along with his wife, are patrons of the prominent Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Glen Wakeman offers great business insights for startup ventures

Budding entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges. Some of these difficulties include lack of capital and the inexperience to make the right decisions for their ventures. Glen Wakeman is one such entrepreneur who understands the challenges that young entrepreneurs face in the course of running their businesses. Wakeman has had a long career in the financial industry which has helped him to gain a lot of knowledge in operating different types of businesses.

Glen Wakeman co-founded LaunchPad holdings, LLC in 2015, alongside Rick Cano. LaunchPad is a software based company that helps to guide startup entrepreneurs down the success path. Glen understands the challenges facing most of these entrepreneurs and through his company; he helps them to make the right decisions that will bring prosperity to their ventures.

Glen Wakeman has spent the last three decades working in the financial sector, and he is therefore well acquitted in matters of financial management. Glen graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Scranton in the year 1981. After that, Wakeman enrolled for a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Chicago. These two degrees have led to an impressive job resume for Glen Wakeman.

Glen launched his career at GE Capital where he was responsible for business development. He has also worked for the GE Money Latin America where he served as the company’s CEO. His role at GE Money gave Glen an opportunity to travel around the globe learning how business is done in different environments.

Glen Wakeman is an established businessman who has guided many start-up ventures to become successful companies ( Glen spends a lot of his time sharing investing insights on his blog where entrepreneurs can get valuable information on emerging markets, management, investing strategies and various other finance and business related strategies.

Glen blogs frequently about various business related topics but his interests mainly lie in the areas of business transformation, leadership, emerging markets, angel financing and capital rising especially for the small businesses (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman has also mentored and continues to mentor a number of C-level executives. He is an advisor for a number of start-up ventures which he seeks to take to the next level.

Finding a remedy for Osteoarthritis at Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey

Despite Arthritis being a particularly common disease, it has often been misconstrued by many. Rather than a single disease, arthritis connotes a joint disease, and occurs in many types. It plagues a tremendous adult population in the United States, especially women.

Osteoarthritis, also referred to as degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis, and causes the deterioration and dissipation of the cartilage and soft tissues situated between joints. This is a greatly agonizing disease because as the cartilage gets gradually pulverized, it rubs against the bone and the resultant pain is overwhelming. It does not only lead to chronic pain but also stiffness and swelling on the affected organ.

Osteoarthritis arthritis is generally aggravated by a myriad of factors such as old age, a prior injury, and an increase in weight. Moreover, arthritis could be genetically passed from a parent to the offspring.

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured. However, there are many treatment options available to emancipate you from this disability-causing pandemic.In New Jersey, these remedies are offered at Osteo Relief Institute whose endowment with orthopedic specialists is magnificent. They involve a series of self-management elements which include daily routine practices, exercise, and medical treatment.

With regard to the daily routine practices, you need to ensure that you regularly and consistently adjust your positon while seated taking care to avoid repetitive movements as this could cause joint pains. During exercises, be sure to engage in activities that would revamp the muscles around your joints such as walking and cycling. You also need to consult a doctor on which medication to use since most Arthritis medication such as Acetaminophen and NSAIDS pose hazardous side effects.

Osteo Relief Institute is a felicitous resource for the patients in New Jersey and surrounding areas since they are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that not only pin-point your pain but also give you effectual knee treatments. It suffices to state that Osteo Relief Institute is a convenient choice for patients because unlike other institutions, it offers an introductory screening to patients at no charge.

When marred with Osteoarthritis, it is prudent to visit Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey as it is a one-of-a-kind institute that gives exquisite services at pocket-friendly costs. Their physicians, in managing your joint pains, work under a knee pain relief program, and are driven by the mantra that patients ought to get the most effective treatment.

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International Businessman Hussain Sajwani Donates To Campaign To Help Children In Need

The Dubai business man Hussain Sajwani is known for being the founder and CEO Of Damac Group, which is the largest real estate developer of high end, privately owned properties in the Middle East. Sajwani is a self taught business man who found success by diving in to property development in the early 2000s. He is also known as a philanthropist, and contributes to causes that help humans live better lives through out the world. His most recent donation went towards a campaign to clothe a million children in need around the world.


Hussain Sajwani’s dealings in business and philanthropic show his attitude of good international relations and cooperation across the globe. He live in the Dubai, but spends time abroad with friends and acquaintances that he has met through business and social interactions. The Hussain Sajwani family of four children, Sajwani, and his wife visit New York often. The were also seen at the New Years Eve celebration that Donald Trump and family held at their Florida resort. Sajwani developed a relationship with Trump in 2013, as the two partnered in opening two separate Trump brand international golf courses. Sajwani’s relationship with the Trumps has become stronger over time and the two will likely partner again in the future to put together more real estate deals.


The Damac Group which Sajwani founded is focused on high end luxury real estate, and Sajwani markets his properties to show off the glittery, glamorous aspects of Dubai culture. His success in real estate comes from the hard work that he has done leading up to his real estate market break throughs. He spent years learning bout business through a food service operation that he grew through out the ’80s and ’90s. Through providing food service for American Military units, the man who is now the Damac owner developed positive relationships with international leaders and fellow businessmen.


The donation that Sajwani and the Damac group offered to the campaign to clothe a million children is just one of the many contributions that the company has made. Sajwani has a value of contribution, and his company shares his attribute. They support the Dubai governments involvement with fighting poverty and starvation and raise the quality of life or individuals in all countries.

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George Soros America’s Leading Philanthropists

George Soros is one of America’s greatest philanthropists and has given more than $12 billion dollars away. He supports people and organizations across the world who are fighting for the same ideas that he believes in such as freedom of expression, transparency, accountable government, and societies that promote justice and equality.

George Soros began to accumulate wealth in 1970, when he launched his first hedge fund, which became very successful and making him one of the most successful investors in American history. With his wealth, George Soros created the Open Society Foundations, which was a network of foundations, projects and fellow philanthropists in over 100 countries. His organization was based on Open Society and Its Enemies, which George Soros first encountered at the London School of Economics. This book argued that societies only grow and succeed when they allow for democracy and respect. Learn more about George at Biography.

According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros started his work in 1979, when he gave scholarships to black kids in South Africa who were under apartheid. He provided photocopiers, which allows reprinting of books that were banned in the Communist Eastern Bloc. He later created the Central European University, which was created to foster critical thinking discussion.

George Soros was originally born in Hungary in 1930. He managed to survive Nazi occupation and later survived Communist rule. He then emigrated to London, studying economics. In 1956, George Soros then moved to New York City and began his lifetime of philanthropy. George Soros’ claim to fame was being the man who broke the Bank of England, when he sold $10 billion worth of Pound sterling, netting him a profit of $1 billion during the Black Wednesday UK currency crisis.

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After arriving in America, George Soros took a job at Wall Street firm F.M. Mayer. Soros later setup his own firm in 1973 and called it the Quantum Fund Endowment. This fund help make George Soros the 21st richest person in the world, making him worth $26 billion. George Soros has helped establish after-school programs in New York City and offers aid to areas impacted by natural disasters. His foundation’s support for causes are numerous. George Soros has become a towering figure among those in the philanthropy world. He has given more than $7 billion dollars away through his Open Society Foundation. George Soros has become a very strong political donor for the Democratic party, who supports most of the same ideas as him. Visit to know more about George.

Success And Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello was his freshman year, college roommate. Lloyd Grove writes, in the Daily Beast, about his experiences knowing Petrello in his early days, before all of his success.

He describes an Italian-American kid who was extroverted, laughed easily, and was a “wicked-smart math whiz”. Lloyd Grove may have felt envious of Petrellos success, but he was also proud to have known the multi-millionaire and had fond memories of him.

Tony Petrello received his B.S. and M.S. degrees, from Yale University, in Mathematics. He also went to law school at Harvard and received his J.D. degree. His career started out as an attorney, which led to the eventual hiring by Nabors Industries Ltd. in 1991. He currently holds the title of Chief Executive Officer within the company. His contribution to the company has made him and the company a lot of money.

Nabors, an oil and gas drilling company, first opened its doors in 1952, through the efforts of Claire Nabors. The company made a good reputation in Alaska by hiring women, developing modular rigs, and drilling the first horizontal well in the world. Because of its success, Anglo Energy bought control over the company, but eventually went bankrupt. This opened the door for Eugene Iseberg and Marty Whitman to buy into the company and make it what it is today. Through drilling overseas, buying more drilling and equipment companies, they have managed to turn it into a $17 billion company.

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Anthony Petrello: Supporting Research Into Childhood

Neurological Disorders
When most people hear Anthony Petrello’s name most remember him as a high school math whiz from Newark, New Jersey or remember him being the highest paid CEO in 2015 when Nabors Industries paid him more than $68 million.

But in Texas he is known for his philanthropic work with Texas Children’s Hospital. When his daughter Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia when she was born prematurely, Petrello donated $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital so they could build the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. And he has continued to work with the hospital.

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Anthony Petrello is the CEO of the largest land-based drilling contractor in the world, Nabors Industries. But since 1997 when his daughter was diagnosed with a disorder caused by lack of oxygen to her brain, and needed several surgeries to save her heart and her sight, he became deeply involved in philanthropy. It has changed the lives of the Petrellos dramatically. Doctors told them Carena would have cerebral palsy as she gets older. She lost her ability to speak at age 5 and needs a wheelchair to move around. It has forced them to change their expectations for her life.

Specialists offered little hope for treating Carena’s condition. Petrello realized there was little serious research being done on neurological diseases suffered by children. He met with the leadership at Texas Children’s Hospital and they envisioned an institute dedicated to studying neurological afflictions suffered by children. In 2006 Tony Petrello donated $7 million to the effort. He has also got help from others in the oil and gas industry. Oil man Dan L. Duncan donated $50 million. Today, the neurological center occupies 300,000 square feet and has over 130 researchers led by renowned Lebanese neurogeneticist Huda Zoghbi and offers hope for children in the future.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

In 2016, Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, a technology company dedicated to bringing an analytical and data-driven approach to cancer treatment. As the CEO of the company, Lefkofsky is dedicated to expanding the company’s influence and honing their technology and expertise to further advance their impact. Within the cancer treatment technology industry, Tempus has revolutionized the approach that doctors and physicians take to analyze patients. Tempus uses unique and proprietary methods to analyze a patient’s condition in order to give healthcare providers a better advantage when treating their patients. Tempus uses deep machine learning, genomic sequencing and other advanced methods of data gathering to equip doctors with more knowledge about each patient’s cancer. After analyzing this data, Tempus creates detailed reports with which the doctors can create customized cancer treatments for each of their patients.


Eric Lefkofsky was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan to a small family of four. His mother worked as a school teacher and his father as a structural engineer. He attended high school close to home at Southfield-Lathrup High. Lefkofsky completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors. He furthered his education at the University of Michigan Law School and graduated with his Juris Doctor in 1993. One of Lefkofsky’s first entrepreneurial endeavor began while he was attending the University of Michigan. With loans from some of his relatives, Lefkofsky and a friend bought the Brandon Apparel clothing company in Madison, Wisconsin.


In 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings. This group worked with smaller companies to provide services in print procurement. After years of steady growth and income, InnerWorkings became publically shared in 2006. Teaming up with Keywell once again, Lefkofsky co-founded Echo Global Logistics. The freight logistics company was successful enough to draw the attention and financing of New Enterprise Associates, a very large technology investor. Lefkofsky is also well-known for his involvement in Groupon. He co-founded the company in 2007 under its previous name In fact, Forbes named Groupon as history’s fastest growing company in 2010. In the same year, the duo announced the creation of Lightbank, a company dedicated to helping other businesses in Chicago to succeed.


In addition to his business pursuits, Lefkofsky also spends a lot of his resources on charitable endeavors. Along with his wife Elizabeth, the couple founded the Lefkofsky Foundation to act as their philanthropic arm. The foundation is dedicated to serving the communities in which Lefkofsky is involved by improving people’s lives. They have worked with over 50 companies in fields ranging from science, education and charity. Lefkofsky is also an active board member for a large number of Chicago-based organizations and companies such as The Art Institute of Chicago, the Children’s Memorial Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry. Lefkofsky ( was also appointed as a trustee member for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

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American Based Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success

Eric Pulier is an American based Philanthropist, public speaker, author, entrepreneur and founder of technology companies. He resides in Los Angelo’s, California. He is a renowned public speaker globally, and he has also addressed some people in conferences on matters related to technology and innovations. Eric Pulier is a strong believer of talent exploration. He has shared his story with people severally so as to challenge individuals and give an insight on how one can reach their full potential.

Eric’s Education Background and successful start-ups

Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University, which he joined in 1984. He studied English and American Literature. In 1988 he graduated from Magma Laude. He is known to have founded more than 15 companies that include Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and others that he has sold at a profit. The last company that he sold was priced at $350 million.

Eric is the founder of People Doing Things, a company that was launched in 1991. The company’s primary task is to address health care, education and other issues of importance through the use of technology. Digital Evolution is an interactive agency that he founded in 1994. He also contributed to the development of Starbright World.

Pulier was appointed in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to execute ‘The Bridge to the 21st Century.’ It was a presidential Technology Exhibition that toke place in Washington D.C. He has also advised several individuals who are involved in initiatives that are health care and technology-related. Pullier has supported several organizations that are participating in philanthropic projects. Some of the non-profit organizations he supports include the Painted Turtle, X-Prize Foundation, and Clinton Global Initiative. Eric is also a renowned author who wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson. He is also a co-author of a noted book that addresses issues of service oriented architecture known as Understanding Enterprise SOA.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Exhibits Exceptional Event Organizing Attributes


The event organized and hosted by Danilo Diaz Granados in July 2016 on behalf of the Toys for Boys is a clear indication of his determination to provide his clients with the best commodities money can buy. Danilo Diaz Granados made sure that the day’s schedule was unpredictable, which ultimately distinguished it from other regular parties.


Danilo orchestrated the event to ensure that each location served its particular purpose to give the hand-selected guest an all-inclusive experience of Miami’s extravagant lifestyle. Breakfast was held at the renowned One Thousand Museum. Later, they visited the Palm Beach Race Track via an excellent helicopter ride. At the race track, all Danilo’s guests enjoyed racing turns on the popular track.


Thanks to one of his official sponsors for the day, Dom Perignon, lunch was fully catered at the serene River Yacht Club. Other sponsors such as Van Dutch Americas also made the day a success by offering their brand new boats for testing in the bay. As such, they all ushered the end of the auspicious day by taking a boat ride in the beautiful sunset.

Danilo Diaz Granados has managed to climb the ladder of success through his determination and entrepreneurial acumen. Currently, Danilo rubs shoulders with the high and mighty in society, especially in Miami. As an alumnus of the renowned Babson College, he holds an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics. Danilo also attained his Master of Business Administration from the IE Business School.


Later in 2012, he joined Movilway, which is an entity that specializes in mobile payment services. He currently works at Movilway in the capacity of a manager. In 2015, Danilo became an Associate Partner of the Fireman Capital Partners. Apart from being a significant part of other companies, Danilo prides himself on his entrepreneurial ventures such as the Prestigious Toys for Boys Boutique Privee as well as the Edge of Glory Films.