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Looking Back On The Career of Israeli Diplomat Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub grew up a orthodox Jew in the United Kingdom but would later go on to move to Israel because of his faith and close affinity for the Jewish people who had been exiled from their homeland for over 2000 years. Due to Taub’s amiability, intelligence and charm he won over the position of ambassador to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, a job which would lead him all over the world. Almost instantly after remigrating to Israel Daniel Taub was given the lauded opportunity course of his varied career he became a speech writer for Chaim Herzog in 2011, the 6th President of the country. Learn more:


Shortly thereafter, Mr. Taub was appointed as the Ambassador to the Court of St. James and left off to meet with none other than the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. When finally met with the Queen, kippah upon his head, dressed in a slick black suit, she asked the ambassador how it felt giving up his British citizenship to be now be the chief representative to the country in which he had formally lived. Daniel Taub responded that he could think of few honors higher and explained his great dream, to heal the diplomatic wounds between Israel and the United Kingdom and bring both nations into a new age of friendship and prosperity.


Four years after that prestigious and fateful meeting, Daniel Taub retired, noting that he felt in his heart of hearts that, by and large, his dream had come to pass. The relations between the United Kingdom and the State of Israeli had never been better. However, so beloved had Mr. Taub become from his diplomatic adventures back and forth between the state of Israel and the United Kingdom, that when he retired a chorus of lament went up from the Jewish community, not just in Israel, but also from the Jewish community in Britain! Daniel Taub is today considered one of the most beloved former ambassadors from Israel since the renowned diplomat Shlomo Argov of the 1980s. Despite his retirement from diplomacy, Mr. Taub has stayed busy writing for such outlets as The Times, The Daily Telegraph, the Guardian and the American based, Huffington Post.