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FreedomPop frees you from your bills!

We will be covering the increasingly popular services provided by FreedomPop in this FreedomPop review. If you haven’t heard of them, FreedomPop is a new service out of California that is trying to change how cell phones connect to each other. Traditional cell phone services are notorious for overcharging even the most basic transactions that a normal internet connection would think nothing of providing. This includes charging full price even if you use only a small amount of the service plan.

What Does FreedomPop Offer?

FreedomPop’s first major change addresses the second point. They offer a fairly standard basic plan of about half a gigabyte for free. You’ll want this for those short calls that are otherwise too small to pay an exorbitant fee for. This means not having to worry about calling your mom every month, if that’s all you need to use the plan for.

The next and much bigger change is switching to a Wi-Fi network. They are trying to push Wi-Fi as a standard replacement for cellphone connectivity and internet, rather than the normal cellular network. Wi-Fi on a phone is nothing new. The reason it is not more widespread is that phone companies used to have complete control over phones and prevented alternate services from being available, but now companies like Google are trying to integrate Wi-Fi as seamlessly as other cellular networks.

What Is So Great About Wi-fi?

The idea is to show their users that they are a reliable service provider and convince them that the upgrade to Wi-Fi is a great deal. The Wi-Fi deal is much improved over normal services plans. At just $5 a month, you get all the services you would with an unlimited cell plan, from talk to text, and even internet browsing.


Talk Fusion is a Life Changer

If you have not had the time to read this recent article,, I highly recommend that you do so, as it will most likely inspire you to want to change lives and do something in your own community. That is the wonderful thing about Bob Reina. Talk Fusion is great and everyone loves about it and it is helping people in ways they never thought possible. However, in other ways, he is doing wonderful things outside the job. He is using the job for something good. It is always wonderful when people use what they have to do something for the greater good. They are looking out for others.

There is a lot in the great article that talks about what he has done, but there is something I’d like to focus on and that is the fact that he is allowing every Talk Fusion associate to donate one free account to a charity of their liking. Not only does he like to give back, but he wants that to be instilled in his employees. He wants them to know the importance of giving back, as a lot of people need help out there today. As we all know, we are living in tough economic times. Because of this, we need to strike fast and do something now, as opposed to later.

This allows them to use Talk Fusion and get all of the great benefits out of it. Of course, there is video chat, video conferences, and video newsletters to name a few. If I’ve learned anything about Bob Reina from reading up on him, I have a feeling that he is only going to make this product bigger and better as time goes on, as he is the type of person that is always looking to expand the product and add new features to it to make it even more one of a kind.