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All About Doe Deere

Doe was born in the UK. When she was in her late teens, she moved to the United States. She has lived in New York in the past. She now lives in Los Angeles. Deere is the founder and CEO of the Lime Crime beauty line.


Growing up Deere has always been creative. She has always love vivid, bright colors. Before she started her make up line, she had her own fashion line. Deere is unique because with her fashion business, she did everything on her own. This includes make up, modeling, designing, sewing, etc. Since Deere loves bright colors, the idea of make up came in when she had these bright colored out fits without colorful make up to match!


For Deere it has always been hard to find bright colors, so instead of complaining, Doe decided to take action. Doe created her own make up line. Her make up line is special because it is 100% Vegan certified and Cruelty-Free. Doe’s products have been approved by PETA and Leaping Bunny.


Doe encourages her customers to express themselves freely and unapologetic. She refers to her supporters as unicorns. Per Doe, unicorns are not afraid to be different, they are different and proud! If you are one of Doe’s unicorns then you are fearless and fierce! Most of Doe’s products are bright, strong, and sparkly, only true unicorns can rock these products proudly!


Doe is a person who has a strong character and personality. Since her beauty line if very different she does have lots of negative feedback. In addition, Doe’s beauty line is an online based business. For years cyber bullying has been a large issue around the globe; with that being said, Doe recently reveled how she deals with negative energy from people online. Doe deals with her haters in a special way; she ignores them! This is awesome! Doe does not give haters her attention; instead, she focuses on her unicorns! Honestly, this is the best way to be!


Self-Made magazine recently named Doe one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs. Doe has expressed that she was surprised and very honored from receiving the recognition. Her picture was featured on the magazine’s cover was very surreal for her. Doe is happy to have an amazing impact of others, especially when she’s doing something that she actually enjoys, which is make up! The unicorns are happy for Doe and her accomplishments. Learn more: