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The Rise of Prominent Real Estate Agent Tammy Mazzocco

Before Tammy Mazzocco was a prominent real estate agent, she was a secretary at a commercial real estate firm. From there, she took a job in condominium management lasting 7 years. It was during that time that Tammy became a licensed real estate agent. She then went on to work as a multifamily property manager before finally becoming a licensed personal assistant for a top producing real estate agent. In 1999, Tammy began her full-time real estate career and now sells real estate in several counties in Ohio. Check out Yelp for more info.

Based in Pickering, Ohio, Tammy Mazzocco is now a top producing real estate agent. She relates well with her clients, and that is reflected in her strong media presence. She also believes in extreme organization and time management. Tammy begins each day with a meditation session.

By brainstorming and research, Tammy Mazzocco makes her ideas a reality. She has a specific plan for each day and blocks out time for every task. Tammy makes time for cold calling and appointment setting and makes a habit out of tasks that she finds lead to more productivity. She is self-described as shy around meeting new people, which she masks by being as talkative as possible.

In order to generate business, Tammy Mazzocco relies upon lead generating companies. She also finds that repeat business makes up a large portion of her business, as do referrals. She admits that her biggest failure was in the beginning of her career when she had trouble talking to clients. Due to Tammy’s shyness, she had trouble pre-qualifying people. She overcame this by studying scripts and practicing out loud the correct sales pitch that she needed to be successful.

In order to stay in touch with clients, Tammy uses a service called Follow Up Boss. It allows her to stay on top of new and existing clients, and organize everyone she is working with at certain stages in the home buying or selling process. You can visit Spokeo to know more.

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