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Incredible Contributions by Penelope Kokkinides to InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare Inc. Penelope joined the company in 2015. Before that, Kokkinides served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer of Innovacare Company. Also, she was the Vice President of Innovacare’s Clinical Operations. Penelope has more than two decades of experience in healthcare practice. Penelope has worked for government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.Additionally, Kokkinides has a lot of expertise and knowledge in managing health care operations, developing clinical programs, and improving the efficiency of operations and organizational infrastructure. Penelope also worked at Centerlight Healthcare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice.Penelope graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in classical languages and biological sciences. She also attained a master’s degree from the University of New York. Penelope also received went to Colombia University where she attained a master’s in public health.Penelope says that all her days are different because she carries out different activities. Penelope travels a lot to various places for business purposes.

Penelope also values her phone and tablet because they enable her to connect to the world. Penelope seeks guidance from her team to implement new ideas. Penelope states that she is excited to see how people connect with each other from different parts of the world. Some of the common means of connecting are screen-sharing and video conferencing.Kokkinides states that to stay productive, she plans each day to remain focused and to save time. Penelope advises young entrepreneurs to seek as much information as they can about business. Such information can be gotten from books, publications, and articles. Penelope states that how she structures and organizes her work have contributed to her success.Rick Shinto is the current President and Chief Executive of InnovaCare Health. Rick also worked at MMM Healthcare as its CEO.

Additionally, Rick worked at Aveta Inc. and PMC Medicare Choice. Dr. Rick has about twenty years of experience in operational and clinical healthcare experience of Penelope Kokkinides.InnovaCare Health Inc. is one of the best providers of medical services in North America. Through Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks, InnovaCare Company is in a good position to offer high-quality health services. The company creates cost effective and sustainable strategies that incorporate advanced technologies.InnovaCare Health aims to transform healthcare management to solve the issues affecting people in the healthcare environment. InnovaCare creates strong relationships with patients and builds a health model that is driven by quality, innovative, and cost effective.

Finding a remedy for Osteoarthritis at Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey

Despite Arthritis being a particularly common disease, it has often been misconstrued by many. Rather than a single disease, arthritis connotes a joint disease, and occurs in many types. It plagues a tremendous adult population in the United States, especially women.

Osteoarthritis, also referred to as degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis, and causes the deterioration and dissipation of the cartilage and soft tissues situated between joints. This is a greatly agonizing disease because as the cartilage gets gradually pulverized, it rubs against the bone and the resultant pain is overwhelming. It does not only lead to chronic pain but also stiffness and swelling on the affected organ.

Osteoarthritis arthritis is generally aggravated by a myriad of factors such as old age, a prior injury, and an increase in weight. Moreover, arthritis could be genetically passed from a parent to the offspring.

Osteoarthritis cannot be cured. However, there are many treatment options available to emancipate you from this disability-causing pandemic.In New Jersey, these remedies are offered at Osteo Relief Institute whose endowment with orthopedic specialists is magnificent. They involve a series of self-management elements which include daily routine practices, exercise, and medical treatment.

With regard to the daily routine practices, you need to ensure that you regularly and consistently adjust your positon while seated taking care to avoid repetitive movements as this could cause joint pains. During exercises, be sure to engage in activities that would revamp the muscles around your joints such as walking and cycling. You also need to consult a doctor on which medication to use since most Arthritis medication such as Acetaminophen and NSAIDS pose hazardous side effects.

Osteo Relief Institute is a felicitous resource for the patients in New Jersey and surrounding areas since they are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that not only pin-point your pain but also give you effectual knee treatments. It suffices to state that Osteo Relief Institute is a convenient choice for patients because unlike other institutions, it offers an introductory screening to patients at no charge.

When marred with Osteoarthritis, it is prudent to visit Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey as it is a one-of-a-kind institute that gives exquisite services at pocket-friendly costs. Their physicians, in managing your joint pains, work under a knee pain relief program, and are driven by the mantra that patients ought to get the most effective treatment.

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Hospital Copa Star Introduces The Luxury Hospital Concept To Brazil

A new type of hospital recently opened in Rio de Janeiro when the Copa Star started accepting patients. The hospital, located in the Copacabana area, is a luxury hospital that features the highest levels of comfort for patients combined with the most advanced technology and standards of healthcare. The Copa Star is owned by Rede D’Or São Luiz which operates several hospitals in the country.

The Copa Star features impeccable architectural design and details that are built to offer world-class care to its patients. Every patient is given individualized care by the hospital’s highly trained staff. The hospital uses a Smart Hospitality system where each patient is given their own Ipad with apps built exclusively for the Copa Star. The apps allow patients to talk to their doctor and nurse as well as access to their medical exams and results. Another feature of the apps allows the patient to control the autonomous features in their room such as opening and closing the curtains, full control of the light level, and control over their hospital bed.

Great care was taken in how the hospital was designed in order to allow much greater mobility in the hallways than at other hospitals. For example, there is an enclosed area that allows patients on stretchers to be efficiently and safely moved through the hospital. The Copa Star also features a completely private entryway so that patients can come into the hospital and leave with no possibility of their privacy being violated.

In another display of attention to detail, the Copa Star features works of art throughout the hallways that were designed by acclaimed Japanese artist Yutaka Toyota. The 231 works of his that are on display give the hospital a brighter, more cheerful, and more comforting atmosphere. His works of art make use of his skills in sculpting, painting, engraving, set design, and drafting. The hospital also, in a nod to patient comfort, has a built-in aromatization system that keeps the air clean and smelling fresh.

The President of Rede D’Or São Luiz, Dr. Jorge Moll, has said that the hospital is equipped with both the technology and deeply experienced staff to perform highly complex surgeries. Before the Copa Star opened residents in the area had to be flown to Sao Paulo in order to be treated at either the Albert Einstein Hospital or the Lebanese Syrian Hospital. He went on to say that the Copa Star combines a hospital setting with highly qualified professionals matched with the experience of a five-star hotel accommodations.

With the successful opening of the Copa Star, Rede D’Or São Luiz plans to open similar hospitals in other Brazilian cities including São Paulo and Brasília.

The Versatile Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Dentist Patients and Those With Sleep Disorders

Finding a talented and versatile dentist and psychologist like Avi Weisfogel is difficult to do, but Dr. Weisfogel has been recognized as both a superior DDS and a successful Sleep Disorder and treatment facility leader in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Several years ago, his dental office received recognition as the friendliest dentist office in Old Bridge.

But Dr. Feisfogel is not only a talented, community dentist, he is also dedicated to helping patients overcome sleep apnea. Avi Weisfogel attended Rutgers University and graduated with a BA in both biology and psychology. He then attended the New York College of Dentistry where he received his DDS.

From his college days, Dr. Weisfogel recognized that sleep apnea and other sleep disorders were causing serious problems for over 70 percent of the population. This loss of sleep often ended the root cause of other issues such as diabetes, strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Weisfogel found a huge need for treatment in this area, so he founded Deep Sleep Masters for patients with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. When he began Old Bridge Dentistry, he also began treating sleep disorders in Deep Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel uses his knowledge and talents in two specific ways: 1) to treat patients and 2) to instruct other doctors on successful methods of opening their own sleep clinics and treating their own patients.

Classes are held regularly, and Dr. Weisfogel writes blogs and other educational directives using the experience he has gained in almost two decades of treating patients with sleep apnea. He attributes his consistent success to his belief in repetition. He arrives at the office daily at 6am where he spends the next hour in prayer before he begins the day’s activities.

Dr. Weisfogel has spent the majority of his life helping sick people, and he is a supporter of local charities. He has founded several GoFundMe campaigns for causes he and his wife feel strongly about. He has also spent time working with Operation Smile, which goes all over the world helping children.

The diversity of Dr. Avi Weisfogel allows him the opportunity to help numerous people.

Livio Bisterzo & Hippeas

Are you looking for a healthier type of snack instead of the average everyday snack foods? Have you ever heard of Hippeas? If you haven’t heard then your missing out on some of the best healthy products on the market. Hippeas products have created quite a buzz lately since it’s inception earlier this year. Company brand Green Park Holdings is offering some of the best tasting, plant based alternative foods and it’s quickly becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. The goal is to make Hippeas into the next globally loved healthy snack brand.

The Hippeas Brand was founded by Livio Bisterzo. This Italian entrepreneur has transcended the health food industry and he has a passion for providing healthy foods that taste great, but also gives back to society. The married father of three has the knowledge and know-how to run a successful business with his extensive marketing background. The company’s Chickpeas line is a revolutionary that also gives back to the environment by releasing nitrogen back into the ground.  This is certainly “paying it forward” as the proceeds help keep the farmers that grow these wonderful snacks out of poverty. Mr. Bisterzo has a clear-cut vision that seems to be working and he’s looking into starting a five year investment plan for helping Ethiopia develop a fully sustainable supply chain.

Livio Bisterzo and Hippeas also have a great marketing strategy that will appeal more to health conscious consumers. No matter the age of the individuals, this brand has something for everyone to enjoy and in a number of flavors. Hippeas is a new brand, but not at all a “fly by night” brand. Unlike many other health conscious brands, this company is looking to build long-term relationships with businesses and customers alike. This is truly the start of a more health conscience campaign and Hippeas is leading the way throughout the 21st Century.