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Livio Bisterzo & Hippeas

Are you looking for a healthier type of snack instead of the average everyday snack foods? Have you ever heard of Hippeas? If you haven’t heard then your missing out on some of the best healthy products on the market. Hippeas products have created quite a buzz lately since it’s inception earlier this year. Company brand Green Park Holdings is offering some of the best tasting, plant based alternative foods and it’s quickly becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing companies. The goal is to make Hippeas into the next globally loved healthy snack brand.

The Hippeas Brand was founded by Livio Bisterzo. This Italian entrepreneur has transcended the health food industry and he has a passion for providing healthy foods that taste great, but also gives back to society. The married father of three has the knowledge and know-how to run a successful business with his extensive marketing background. The company’s Chickpeas line is a revolutionary that also gives back to the environment by releasing nitrogen back into the ground.  This is certainly “paying it forward” as the proceeds help keep the farmers that grow these wonderful snacks out of poverty. Mr. Bisterzo has a clear-cut vision that seems to be working and he’s looking into starting a five year investment plan for helping Ethiopia develop a fully sustainable supply chain.

Livio Bisterzo and Hippeas also have a great marketing strategy that will appeal more to health conscious consumers. No matter the age of the individuals, this brand has something for everyone to enjoy and in a number of flavors. Hippeas is a new brand, but not at all a “fly by night” brand. Unlike many other health conscious brands, this company is looking to build long-term relationships with businesses and customers alike. This is truly the start of a more health conscience campaign and Hippeas is leading the way throughout the 21st Century.