CEO Gregory Aziz Is The Man Behind National Steel Car’s Success

When Gregory James Aziz signed on as the chairman and CEO of National Steel Car, he had a vision from the beginning that would take this company well into the future. This is not a company that burst on to the scene recently, we are talking about an industry standard, a company leading the way since 1912, and if Greg Aziz has his way, will be doing so into the next century and beyond. National Steel Car is the world’s leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars, and the company has been meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients and industry all that time.


Gregory J Aziz says that the success of National Steel Car is a result of the hard work and dedication of his employees. These are not your average employees, they are some of the hardest working individuals who are constantly raising the bar so they get better and the company continues to grow and exceed expectations. In order to win the TTX SECO award for excellence, your company needs to excel in a number of areas. National Steel Car has won that award every year over the last decade, a sign that the company has the winning formula moving forward.

Aziz says that the objective of his company is a blueprint employee live by every minute on the job. To start, each of the workers at National Steel Car have a determination to be moving forward, regardless how big or little the progress each day. The team are proud to be the leaders in this market, a role they all take very seriously. Each worker at National Steel Car has an unwavering focus on quality that helps develop their pride in workmanship attitude. Last and not least, the workers and Aziz himself never forget where they came from by paying homage to the traditions of the past. See This Page to Learn More.


The you have to look at one other area of National Steel Car, their ability to give back to their community and people in need around the globe. Early on, National Steel Car gave to local organizations in the Ontario region that helped those less fortunate. As the company grew, Aziz says so did his desire to help more people as far as he could reach. teaming with the Salvation Army and the United Way allows National Steel Car to be in the unique position to help people on the opposite ends of the world now.


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