Doe Deere Talks About Her Brightly Colored Success

Doe Deere is the creator of the popular line of brightly colored cosmetic called Lime Crime. She can be found on Instagram with her face painted bright colors from her famous makeup line. She’s more than just a makeup artist she is a talented and insightful business woman. Self-Made Magazine named her one of the foremost inspiring female entrepreneurs today. In a recent article and Galore magazine she just got everything from the brand name to becoming the head of her highly successful company.

She was asked what influenced her to create Lime Crime Cosmetics online. She replied that she was really into color and was always painting and drawing and would try to use as much power as possible with her clothing accessories and her mom’s makeup. Her first makeup memory was a slumber party with her two best friends when she was nine years old. They are dressed up in outfits that were witchy with ragged tops and long skirts. They were trying to dress dark and mysterious to conjure spirits, so they had to have fitting makeup. They began applying brightly colored eyeshadow and attempted to draw winged eyeliner and use dark lip gloss. That was the beginning of a long and successful career in makeup.

She goes on to explain that she had not always been great at applying makeup, and it took well into our twenties before she was proficient. She became an overnight sensation on the internet with her tutorials, and that is what spurred her to start her own makeup line and 2008.

She goes on to say that she has surprised herself with the success of Lime Crime, and she feels like she is living her dream. She never feels like she is working and couldn’t be happier with her brand.  Be sure to check out the brand for yourself on social media, where Lime Crime maintains a huge presence.

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  1. Neil Banner January 29, 2017

    She explains that the name of her company Lime Crime was a fluke because she just said it popped into her head when she was trying to think of a name for her eBay store. Despite the fact that she did not have excellent makeup skills she still posted tutorials when she discovered the actual makeup. It is also safe to say that assignment writing service australia can make as much fun with it than not making seem as if they are having a chat on them.

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