Fabletics Booming on Amazon

Thriving in the fashion industry, especially in the e-commerce market is no mean feat. Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics has depicted great success on Amazon by growing to a $250 million business in a span of three years. The company uses a subscription service to sell clothes to their clients. Their trade is quite simple. They understand that customers like pieces that are inspirational and those that push them to do much more. When this is mixed with membership and convenience, Fabletics acquires the best sales combination that propels the revenue of the company.


In the past, people defined quality goods based on the prices charged for the commodities. With the shift in economics, the combination is no longer effective to guarantee less competition or success. Instead, features like customer experience, exclusive designs, last-mile services, brand recognition, and gamification elements are the current determinants of the quality for the modern-day consumer.


Fabletics is planning to open up more physical stores in addition to the current 16 stores that are already operating in cities like Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, and California. According to the General Manager at Fabletics, Gregg Throgmartin, the company has been building a reimagined and modern vision of quality brand from day one. The membership criteria have enabled the firm to offer personalized services and fashionable pieces to their esteemed clients at half a price of the amount charged by the competitors. Fabletics believes that it is quite easy to make people happy when you know them and what they want.


The different techniques used by Fabletics’ physical stores

Reverses Showrooming

Most of the businesses practicing e-commerce have been adversely affected by Showrooming. People browse products online and then acquire them at a lower price elsewhere. Fabletics has reversed the model by transforming browsing to positive. This was possible because the firm was unique from the beginning. The current criteria applied by Fabletics enable the company to build relationships, earn clients trust, and understand the local markets through events as well as other activities.


Online statistics are the main retail strategy, but other factors apply

Fabletics understands that to succeed it has to show the client the right pieces in both the physical and the digital. Using local online statistics about the preferences of the group in that area mean that the physical stores will only have items that appeal to the people in the locality. This can be tweaked as the taste or trends changes. Fabletics stores are stocked based on the membership preferences, real-time sales activities, store heat-mapping data, as well as social media sentiment.


Considering factors for growth

Growth is a result of having a quality product at a fair price. Fabletics is among the fast growing companies who understand the needs of the new consumer. Fabletics gets past all the challenges that come its way by embracing a new technique of Showrooming and investing in physical stores.


Fabletics is a fitness attire company owned by Kate Hudson, an American movie star. The business operates on a basis of monthly membership. Those who register as VIPs get their first outfits at only $25 and there are discounts on other items. If you are not planning to purchase outfits for a certain month you can skip it and you will be charged $0 for that month. The pieces are of high quality, and considering the prices charged, Fabletics is a great deal.

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