Joining the New Brown Agency


Justin Brown, who worked for the incredible Wilhemina Modeling Group in Austin, was once a successful model who would travel and experience working in different entertainment environments. Everything from local modeling gigs to small acting roles, he did it all and got the chance to experience every bit of it. Justin Brown definitely knows what is up because he went through the same thing that all the actors have gone through, and this new opportunity is going to open up the door for so many people with the help of his knowledge.

Justin Brown has teamed up with the Wilhemina Agency to create the wonderful Brown Agency because of the fact that this team is going to surely shine bright for so many in Austin. This specific city and throughout the surrounding cities has a lot of unknown and untapped talent, alongside work that can expose young talent into more opportunities. With his connections in other coasts throughout the nation, you know for sure that Justin Brown has all the right people to help anybody get in the right direction of this business.

If you want to become a successful artist in the world of modeling, this is definitely the way to go in the long run. They have such a talented group of talent specialists who can guide any newbie get in this business. There are countless people who are trying to break in this industry, but the people working for the Brown Agency definitely can guide people on the right track in order to see success and grow in the right direction. Justin Brown is definitely capable of guiding the new people into getting in this industry the right way.

The Brown agency is now growing with more and more talented. With more than 500+ amazing people on the roster and a small group of seven to ten people dictating how the entire roster gets work, you can be sure that they love to be close-knit and work together to get their talent on the right path.

According to Market Wired, there is so much potential in the state of Texas, and Austin is the perfect state because it is such a huge place that has so much growth and traction for up and coming actors. Countless successful have started out in Texas, and now this agency is just looking for the right people and the new talent to come through. If you are in Austin and you are looking for a way to grow and accomplish more in this industry, this is the agency to work with. You just need to get yourself in the right classes to be better prepared for all the auditions and opportunities that may come by joining this agency.

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