Luxury Real Estate Firm Town Residential Completes Expansion

Luxury real estate firm Town Residential has continued its process of expanding throughout New York City. It has recently opened up a new office location in the meatpacking district and 10th outpost of Manhattan. The new location will provide Town Residential with a great opportunity to improve its recognition in the city. Town Residential will now have what it needs to attract more clients and firmly establish itself as one of the most accessible real estate firms around. Along with attracting new clients, Town Residential will have a number of opportunities to get more sales and increase its profits. Since it is expanding to one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, Town Residential can take advantage of leasing more property that will be in high demand among both residents and businesses.


With the meatpacking district being the fastest growing neighborhoods in New York City, Town Residential will be in position to accommodate the needs of numerous new residents and companies looking to establish a presence in the area. The new business spaces will give businesses a prime location to stand out among its competitors as well as allow them to get a number of new customers. Town Residential’s expansion to this neighborhood will also benefit residents as they will now have an opportunity to live in one of the most vibrant areas of the city.


By moving to the meatpacking district, Town Residential has looked to give clients a luxurious place to discuss real estate transactions. With an outdoor space in the office suite, clients can talk about their real estate needs in a more relaxed setting. This also helps out the brokers as they can interact with clients in a setting that will be less stressful. Along with improving the environment for both clients and brokers, the new office location will also provide more convenience as well. Since the firm will be looking to attract more clients to the neighborhood, it will benefit by having a presence there. As a result, Town Residential will be in great position to get the clients they need as well as offer them some of the most in demand properties in the city.

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  1. Laila Preston April 21, 2017

    This will enable the firm to expand its client base and also lease out a number of new properties that will benefit them. This will help Town Residential further establish itself as an elite real estate leasing firm in New York. There have been somethings that the website to write essays would also have for the Town Residential team to handle.

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