Omar Boraie Helps to End Hunger with Elijah’s Promise

They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is also found to be true when said in reference to the development of a community, in that it takes a village effort. According to NJBiz, one family has adopted this mentality and implemented it in every aspect of not only their lives, but their livelihoods. Omar and Sam Boraie, father-son duo and namesakes of the influential real estate development companies, Boraie Development LLC., used this morale in more than one way; one might say that they raise their village up with every move they make. Through their generous donations, their sponsorships, and their devotion to the needs of the less fortunate in the company, they have become a well-known name in the New Brunswick area.

Just last year, during the summer of 2016, Boraie development helped the New Brunswick Historical State Theatre to allow members of the community to view a series of six classic or modern movies– for free! Their donations and sponsorships funded this summer event at the high-tech theater from summer to August. Guests were permitted to view their favorite in quality and in style. One would say that Omar Boraie development allowed them unmatched opportunity as well as provided them with a well-deserved source of entertainment.

However, their helping hands do not stop there. Vice President of Boraie development, Sam Boraie, is on the advisory board of one of New Brunswick’s most influential services provided. Established in 1989 as a soup kitchen, Elijah’s Promise has now evolved into a sanctuary for the homeless and those in need. In an article on Rutgers, with the plethora of services and programs they have, they have the ability to provide all sorts of help such as meals, education and job training in the food industry, medical checks, HIV/AIDS testing, clothing, and so much more. This is most definitely one of the most revolutionary charities helped by Sam Boraie and Boraie development. Their outreach within their community is beyond admirable, and well complemented by their get-it-done attitude. Truly, the Boraie family has done and continues to do a fantastic job raising their village, setting an example for other communities that could benefit from doing the same.

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