Philadelphia’s Litigation Expert Karl Heideck

Every State in the US is unique in its way. The legal system differs slightly from one state to another. In Philadelphia, PA, the practice of law requires an expert who has thorough knowledge of the different divisions of law. Karl is one such attorney that is based in Philadelphia and has a solid reputation due to his dedication and prowess.

Karl specializes in Civil and commercial litigation cases and does all that pertains to litigation cases. Among the areas he has specialized in include; appeals, employment law, arbitration, mediation, intellectual property and corporate law among others. With his experience and thorough knowledge of the law, Karl has served the people of Philadelphia addressing the specific needs that the residents require.

The law in Philadelphia is very particular and unique. Karl has, for instance, worked on cases involving the children safety belts. Every driver carrying a child is expected to follow the law and provide the children with reliable safety belts that are specifically designed for minors. Children who are below the age of two are required to be fastened into a rear-facing seat.


Most of the litigation cases require a lawyer that has a broad understanding of the law. This is because the cases overlap. Such an attorney should be in a position to conduct research on different legal aspects and be very good at negotiating and communicating with all the stakeholders involved. Karl, for instance, is very efficient when it comes to pre-trial motions, discovery processes, pleas, appeal procedures and settlement options.

Another aspect of the law that Heideck has prevailed in the area of employment lawsuits. He has dealt with cases involving the wages disclosure, child labor, and overtime pay ad worker’s compensation cases. All employers in Philadelphia should be on the lookout as their laws keep being updated to serve the residents even better.

Karl Heideck is a Philadelphia based litigation attorney who has vast knowledge in legal areas such family, real estate, insurance and business among other areas. Karl Heideck has represented individual clients as well as organizations. His work focuses mainly on compliance and risk management. Karl is also a prolific writer who addresses many legal issues in his articles.

Since education is the basis of any career, Karl Heideck got his Bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in 2003.He later got his JD from Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law and was ready to practice law after passing the bar exams. Karl Heideck has been a licensed attorney since the year 2010.

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