The Biggest 4 Altcoins to Invest In, According to Ian King

Bitcoin has seen amazing increases during the past few months. People who did not get a chance to invest in Bitcoin at the beginning are now looking for the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market. They are looking for new coins that have the potential to make the big gains that Bitcoin is making. These alternative coins are known as altcoins. When they launch, people can get tokens through Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. There are already well over eight hundred altcoins that are out there, and the market caps for these altcoins are billions of dollars.

This can be compared to the dotcom bubble. Some of these altcoins are going to succeed and are going to be the equivalent of Google or Amazon. Others will not succeed. In addition, ICOs are starting to attract regulators who want to make sure that there is no funny business going on. In China, ICOs are not allowed at all.

How can you know which altcoins are going to be successful? There are experts out there who are able to make the analysis that is required to figure it out. One of these experts is Ian King, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency investors and writers. Ian King recommends the following altcoins.

The first is Nexus. It uses a great blockchain technology that speeds things up. They are working with the aerospace industry to come up with some great innovations.

The next is Monero. What is special about them is their privacy. Unlike most other blockchains, it is impossible to link any transaction with any specific user.

The next is Lisk. Lisk uses DPoS and other special technologies that other altcoins do not have. Next is ARK. ARK uses special bridges for their blockchains.

In other words, when looking for a cryptocurrency that you should invest in, you need to find a cryptocurrency that has something unique which will make it a success. In order for it to become the next Bitcoin, it needs to stand out and do something that other altcoins are not doing. You should also look for altcoins that have a market cap of one hundred million dollars or higher, which shows that there is a big interest in it.

Ian King has 20 years of experience in investing. He is a contributor on cryptocurrency trading for Banyan Hill Publishing. Learn more:


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