Why it is Impossible to Talk of Diversant Without Speaking of John Goullet

Diversant LLC is a leading information technology staffing and solutions company in the United States priding itself as a fully-certified Minority Business Enterprise. The firm was born in February, 2010 out of a merger between Diversant Inc. founded and owned by Gene C. Waddy and Info Technologies Inc. belonging to John Goullet.

The company has been ranked as the largest of its kind substantially belonging to a Black American. Its areas of specialty include contingent, IT talent on contract among others. Some of the most outstanding qualities of Diversant is its sheer commitment to the provision of high-quality services to clients, partners, and consultants. Moreover, it holds a commitment to promote diversity both in the supply chain as well as the entire workplace guided by a firm belief that diversity has the potential to lead to increased opportunities for both the partners and consultants while at the same time providing innovative solutions to clients.

A vital feature of the services provided by Diversant is their originality and ability to transform with the sole aim of meeting associates’ and clients’ needs while at the same time not neglecting the communities in which they work. Use of the best methodologies has been vital in ensuring that the firm produces high-quality outcomes.

All these aims and objectives may have remained a pipe dream but for the input of Goullet. He is currently the Principal Executive and has brought invaluable experience and expertise to the company.

When he founded Info Technologies, he focused on the needs of his clients as far as IT staffing was concerned, corporate climate and matching the skills of consultants with customer needs. In essence, his primary focus was to deliver superior and quality services to clients. Diversant LLC has also been focusing on client needs, and Goullet can rightfully be accredited for bringing on board this strategy that has worked pretty well as evidenced by the sustained growth and prosperity of Diversant.

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